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Have some questions? We've got answers! Take a look at some of our most frequently asked questions. Still have questions? You can either request an Online Quote or email us for more info!

What about the rental of tents, chairs, linens, etc.?

All additional equipment rental must be through City Acre, but that also means we handle the receipt and pickup of all items. For more details on what we can provide, please see our "What We Provide" page.

Do rental fees count toward my minimum tab?

Nope, your minimum tab is super simple: any food and drinks you purchase. No other rental items count toward this minimum tab.

What are my options for music?

Depending on which area you rent, you could have the option to use the music available on the house system, rent an outside DJ, or rent our PA speaker system which comes with a microphone and an auxiliary cord connection. We would be happy to provide recommendations for DJs we’ve worked with in the past.


What about hot stuff (candles and sparklers)?

While candles, vapes, cigarettes and (most definitely!) sparklers aren't allowed in the house, they're allowed on the grounds as long as you follow the rules. Candles are allowed outside in the backyard area but they must be in a container such as a glass vase and must not leave wax on tablecloths or tables. Sparklers are only allowed over areas without vegetation (i.e. concrete and gravel) and you must provide a bucket of sand for their guests to extinguish the sparklers.

What’s the payment schedule?

If an event is more than 12 weeks away, 25% of the minimum tab is due to reserve the date. Another 25% is due 12 weeks out from the event. On the day of your event, you will get credit on your tab for those two deposits. Larger events renting out the backyard (with or without the house) are required to supply a security deposit in the amount shown on their quote no later than two weeks from the event. The security deposit shall be in the form of a paper check that will be destroyed or returned in the event that there is no damage.

When can we meet to talk about my event?

Generally your event contact person can be available Wednesday through Sunday by appointment. We definitely recommend emailing them to set something up in advance. You can also schedule a meeting using our handy Online Meeting Tool.

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